What Is a Healthy Relationship: Do You Think You Have One?

Do you know how to recognize one in others? Relationships take on many forms and have many purposes depending upon what the people need that are in one. However, all relationships are not healthy. Some are formed; maintained and protected that actually hurt one or both of the participants. Here are some of the components of healthy relationships.

Seek Growth

No matter where we are in our lives, we are either on a path of growth, in a maintenance mode or in decline. Our personalities are not static objects that remain unchanged by people or events. Our beliefs, attitudes and personalities are shaped by many things and one of the most impactful is our relationships with others. Some people require many relationships while others require very few. But the bottom line for most people is that there will be a few key relationships that will have the greatest impact on us at any given time either immediately or lasting long into the future. The relationships that are the best for personal happiness are those that aid us in personal growth and help us in meeting or working toward our personal goals.

Find Partnerships

In healthy relationships, both parties are gaining from the experience. One may gain as a teacher in personal fulfillment in helping another while the other may gain as the student by advancement in their personal development. Where relationships become unhealthy is when the benefits of the relationship are lopsided, where one party gains at the expense of the other. In love relationships, the goals of the relationship assume a third element; where each individual is benefitting from the relationship and the relationship itself is strengthened for the long term security and happiness of both parties. If a relationship is providing spiritual sustenance, happiness, a sense of well being and satisfaction for both parties, it is by definition a healthy relationship.

What is an Unhealthy Relationship?

It is equally important to understand what an unhealthy relationship is because often people will need to eliminate these from their lives before they can develop a healthy one. Some people engaged with you in unhealthy relationships will block others from developing healthy ones with you because they are threatened by them and don’t want you to realize that they are being used. Most people will be involved in many unhealthy relationships in their lives and their ability to recognize and eliminate them will have a lot to do with their ability to enjoy their lives. Knowing what a healthy relationship is and actively cultivating them is one of the keys to a happy life and unhealthy relationships will block our ability to find and nourish them.

What is a healthy relationship? It is one that will help you achieve your personal goals and fills and sustains your need for close positive human contact. Relationships that detract from your ability to find happiness and move ahead should either be avoided or eliminated. Life is short; spend it with people who will help you make it a happy one.

Definition of Open Relationship: Is It the Right Kind of Relationship for You?

Are you in a relationship that is “open”? Have you considered whether this type of relationship would be helpful or hurtful to you as a couple? Has your partner suggested having one? It takes a special set of people and circumstances for these relationships to work. The definition of an open relationship is one where the participants are free to have emotional and/or physical relationships with other partners, often within mutually agreed limits. When the couple is married the relationship is called an open marriage.

What is involved?

There are various levels of “openness” in these types of relationships. However, it can generally be said that there is a sexual component in a relationship that is considered open. Where both partners participate sexually with others and whether they participate together of separately are the main variables. There are generally rules and limits that a couple has agreed upon before engaging in these relationships.

Why do Couples Choose Open Relationships?

There are many different reasons why a couple may choose to have an unconventional relationship. On one end of the spectrum there are couples who stay in a relationship for convenience or financial reasons. In these relationships there is an understanding that the commitment to each other is for legal or public image reasons, and the emotional commitment is by agreement absent from the relationship. Other couples may have an emotional commitment to one another buy enjoy the excitement of experimentation with other partners.

The Dangers

There are obvious dangers in these relationships. Some of them involve physical and health dangers. Sexual relations with people outside of the committed relationship carry with them all of the same dangers of casual sex found anywhere. Additionally, a couple may suffer from jealousies and a breakdown of the bonds that brought them together in the first place. There is always the risk that a romantic and meaningful relationship may evolve which transplants one of the partners as the primary love interest in the relationship.

When you engage in one of these relationships you need to be fully aware of the possibility of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Always use protection if you are going to participate in an open relationship. There are obvious emotional risks inherent in these relationships as well. Either you or your partner could become emotionally attached to someone else and there is always the chance of having your relationship challenged by jealousy, insecurity guilt or other negative feelings.

How to Approach an Open Relationship

If you and your partner are seriously considering this type of relationship, you need to be prepared to sacrifice the one you already have. It will change without question. Whether it will change for better or worse will be up to how you establish the ground rules, whether you are capable of living by them and living with the consequences of your actions. These relationships can be a roller coaster of highs and lows and should not be entered into without careful consideration of the potential consequences.

The definition of open relationships requires that both parties be open not just to the lifestyle that goes with one, but the consequences of the living the lifestyle. Not many relationships can remain entirely healthy after withstanding the pressures of an being with other partners, but for those that do the participants will have experiences that others either wish they would have had, or will never have to regret having.

New Relationship Advice: Tips for Making Your Relationship Work

Are you trying to start a new relationship? Do you want to know what’s expected of you in a new relationship? Are you looking for great new relationship advice to assist you in establishing a great relationship? Here’s all the new relationship advice you need.

When you are beginning a brand new relationship with a man, you will be nervous about what the relationship will be like. It will be a process of discovery for both of you as you develop your feelings for each other. If you wish to start your partnership the right way, use this new relationship advice.

1. Avoid guessing games. New relationship advice you should heed is that you should not just guess about your man’s emotions. You should tell your partner that you want to have a good understanding of him and his feelings, and that you want to support him. You should tell him that he needs to be open with you if you are to be able to understand him. This a great foundation for a good relationship.

2. Avoid being possessive. When you are starting a new relationship with a man, you still need to give each other a bit of space. You should spend lots of time together but you should also spend time with your friends and family and have some time by yourself too. By following this new relationship advice, you’ll avoid suffocating your relationship.

3. Be truthful. Great new relationship advice is that your relationship should have its foundation in honesty. Be open and truthful, and don’t tell lies. Don’t keep things hidden from your man. This will enable you both to be open with each other without being scared of judgment. This will strengthen your relationship.

4. Fun activities. You need to keep the romance alive in a new relationship. You should try to have a date night every week to keep the romance factor high. Or try taking a weekend getaway together every month or so. Or take up a fun weekly hobby together. Romance and fun activities are a great way to keep the relationship blossoming.

5. Take things slowly. When you’ve just started a new relationship, don’t expect it to be perfect straight away. It takes much effort to develop a strong relationship. Don’t rush things. Keep in mind that your relationship needs to develop at its own pace. This new relationship advice can be of great assistance.